Camping July, 2001 -- a.k.a. Food Fest 2001!

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Let me show you boys how to cook ...

Don't they look scrumptious?

Okay - that was my flip... now where is my beer!!

Ahhh.... my beer!

I'll just take these eggs & they'll never know...he he he!!

I'll just pretend I didn't see Leo taking those eggs.

Who needs wheaties??

The pancake queen!

Eggs, Schmegs -- nothin' like a bowl of oatmeal!

Look at those pigs!!!

I think I'm impressing Dawn with my superhuman fire skills!

Well... that's how we did it in boyscouts!!

Scott challenging Maximus to a wrestling competition!

No that wasn't his neck snapping!

Who's cuter?

He he he... nobody will get these chips from me!

Would you look at Leo eat those chips!!!!!

How can we get those chips from Leo??

Snicker Snack

What?! Did I hear Snicker Snack?

Maximus did WHAT on the corn??

But Dawn IS my luxury item!

Mike's backup plan... (in case he didn't like us!)

Betty & Mary leave the hotel to see how the other half lives.

Maximus hooks up

LISTEN... I don't want a relationship right now!

Give... me... that.... leash!!!

Deborah & Maximus


"If I've told you once... I've told you twice...!!"

I'm happy... see?

Darren & Stephen

Scott & Dawn

After a week of camping
they're still in love!

Dawn demonstrates proper cleaning technique!

It's a group thing!